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 About our Pure Emu Oil 

Our Pure Emu Oil has the unique ability to penetrate readily into living tissue. As such it is useful as an extremely effective moisturizer and emollient without leaving the skin oily. With regular use it causes the skin to grow slightly thicker and smoother causing wrinkles to become physically smaller. It is especially useful for use around and near the eyes since it does not cause irritation. Skin that has been exposed to the sun for many years improves markedly.

Although most of the Pure Emu Oil we sell is used as a moisturizer and emollient, it has a number of valid therapeutic uses as well. The following is based on our direct experience with thousands of users of our Pure Emu Oil and other products as well as a wealth of research and studies. Emu Oil from other sources may or may not duplicate these results.

Due to its ability to reduce inflammation in soft tissues and increase the growth rate of skin cells, it is useful for reducing symptoms related to:

Eczema and Dermatitis: Symptoms are typically well controlled within 1 - 3 weeks. It works on everyone but younger skin responds faster. Continued use will maintain control. See "Eczema".

Rosacea: Redness, swelling and sensitivity are typically reduced within 1 week and continue to improve with regular use. See testimonials.

Psoriasis: About 20% of sufferers using our Emu Oil see a reduction in size of lesions. All others find much reduced burning, itching and flaking. Softens lesions and allows cracks to heal. See "Psoriasis". The inclusion of a 1-2% beta hydroxy acid solution exfoliant will greatly help reduce the thickness of lesions when combined with emu oil.(Beta hydroxy acid exfoliants are not recommended for scalp psoriasis.)

Burns, including sunburn: Those suffering first, second and minor third degree burns immediately feel relief from pain. Blisters generally don't appear if applied immediately. Skin heals much faster with much less scar tissue formation. Used in many hospital's burn centers. See"Burns" and testimonials.

Keloid, stretch marks and other scar tissue: Regular application will reduce collagen buildup in new healing scar tissue, reducing elevation, rigidity, and visibility of scar tissue. It is believed to interfere with the deposition of collagen along the margin of the scab and new skin.

Acne: Since emu oil does not clog pores (in fact it dissolves the hardened sebum that clogs pores), it is useful in reducing the incidence of new blemishes if combined with an otherwise sensible approach to skin care. See Acne Kit (Item #ACNEKIT under "Skin Care Kits". See"Acne".

Bed sores: Even long existing bed sores will heal within weeks. See testimonials.

Hemorrhoids: Reduces swelling, itching and burning.

Diaper rash: Speeds healing and helps prevent further rash development.

Swollen and painful nipples: Emu oil is extremely effective at reducing most soft tissue inflammation including swollen and painful nipples related to nursing. It is absolutely non toxic and a beneficial source of dietary fatty acids for the child.

Age spots: Recent evidence indicates a minimal effect.

Fibromyalgia: Sufferers find reduced pain. See "Fibromyalgia" and testimonial.

Diabetic neuropathy: Reduces discomfort and improves skin texture. See "Diabetis testimonials".

Fever blisters: Reduces discomfort and for many, shortens duration of blister.

Speeds healing after surgery, cosmetic procedures (such as skin peals and laser resurfacing), radiation therapy, any skin injury. We sell hundreds of bottles of emu oil to several cosmetic surgeons.

Massage: Reduces swelling of tissues during and after therapeutic massage for longer lasting results. See testimonial.

Scleroderma: Softens and increases flexibility of skin.

Keratosis Pilaris: Most find reduction in localized skin elevations especially if combined with regular applications of an 8% alpha hydroxy acid solution. See "Keratosis Pilaris". See "Skin Care" products, item #AHA4 and "Skin Care Kit" item #KERKIT.

IBS and Chrone's disease: sufferers find symptomatic relief after regular ingestion of Emu Oil.

LDL cholesterol levels typically lower by 5% - 10% when Emu Oil is added to the diet as a regular supplement. A teaspoon or two twice daily is a typical dosage.

Hair growth: Contrary to some believers, there is no evidence emu oil will regrow hair lost to simple male or female pattern baldness. It can, however, increase the thickness of existing hair as many other products do.



Everyone's skin is different. Start by applying one drop at a time and spread evenly as far as possible. You'll soon determine how much to apply for your skin type. If your skin feels oily after 5 - 10 minutes, you've applied too much.
For best results apply at least twice daily or more often as needed or desired. Use only enough to cover the skin evenly without applying excessively. May be used in combination with your favorite sunscreen or lotion if desired.


Our Pure Emu Oil has a nice lotion like consistency at typical room temperatures. Store product at room temperature away from direct sun light and heat if you intend to use the contents of the container within one year. If not, refrigerate and transfer to a smaller container for daily use. Refrigeration will extend shelf life to 5 years or more. Store all products containing emu oil away from direct sunlight or direct heat. We supply an empty one ounce dispenser bottle at no cost with the purchase of most of our products in 4 ounce sizes and larger.

"Emu Oil...It's What Your Skin is Thirsty For"

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"Emu Oil...It's What Your Skin is Thirsty For"
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