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We are long time users of the wonder oil. We are from Everett and were transferred to Florida. We can't go without Emu oil in the house for very long. We use it to help heal cuts and bug bites on our mercury poisoned, diabetic 10 yr. old son. Also I love it around my eyes! My five year younger sister looks alot older than me. I think it is the time I have spent using emu oil!
Thank you again!
Denise Collette


An acquaintance from Washington state whose daughter uses Emu oil for
everything from shampoo to hand lotion told me about your product. I
selected you to order from because it seems you are focused more on purity
than adding herbs and scents.

I received my order yesterday and I used it then and today.

At this point I am so impressed I posted the following information to my
list for diabetics. I plan on posting a follow up in a month. I am rarely
so taken with a product. When my diabetic sister-in-law has her birthday
the end of this month we're going have you drop ship an order for us to
her. In just two days I've seen a difference and - WOW!

I have had bad skin for years - long before I became a type II
diabetic. However, now it seems even more critical to deal with the
effects of dry skin and problems attendant with it.

About a week ago I was talking with a retired DVR counselor who stated her
daughter had serious skin problems because of her medical career and having
to wash her hands continually. Like me, her hands were actually cracking
and bleeding.

One day, while at a fair, they found a booth selling Emu oil. Traci (the
daughter) tried it and now uses everything from Emu oil shampoo and make-up
to the pure oil. Not only that, but her experiences has everyone at the
hospital using the same stuff to protect their hands from the harsh
cleaners and chemicals they must use as a part of patient care.

I would like to state that I am in no way getting any financial kickback
from this. Okay?

I remember (Dr.) Bernstein suggesting the use of Mink Oil but if anyone has
priced out Mink Oil you know it is very expensive! I have not tried it.

However, I did send off for some Emu Oil products. Before I did so I
researched the topic and found quite a bit of information on it and a
number of dealers. I selected the same one Kathy and Traci use because
they know them, have had good business dealings with them, and I prefer
products without all sorts of herbs thrown in willy-nilly.

The information I have on Emu oil indicates it penetrates as deeply as DMSO
does. It is produced from Emu fat which would otherwise be discarded after
the animal is slaughtered for its meat. Because it penetrates so deeply
Emu oil and DMSO can carry things in it into the tissues - consequently,
you should not have anything on your hands or body you don't want in your

My experience is limited to two days, but I am very impressed with the
ability of the soap and oil to leave my normally dry and cracked skin in a
state like when I was a kid. I usually have to limit my bathing because my
skin can't take it, but the soap left me with no chapping at all. I'm
impressed! This means I can actually shower when I want to and not when I
can't let another day go by before torturing my skin again.

Today I went whole hog and even shaved my legs - which is usually a trip to
having dry, scratching, irritated and unhappy skin for two days. My legs
are fine.

I am experimenting with the following regimen:

1 drop of oil on each hand twice a day. 1 drop of oil on my finger nails
of each hand - rubbed into the nail and the cuticle. My nails are also
very brittle and I want to see if I can affect the growth from the cuticle

1 drop of oil on the top of each foot and massaged in. 2-3 drops of oil on
the sole of the feet because our feet require that level of intervention at
this point.

1 drop of oil on my face that is rubbed in daily.

My experience is limited but so far it seems that it is not easy to wash
the oil off one's skin as it does literally penetrate and go into the cells
and tissues. The skin is soft and supple and does not feel oily to the
touch - hands, legs, feet, and face are identical in response.

I plan to purchase more soap to have in all the bathrooms, by the kitchen
sink, etc. as I am that impressed with it.

I also purchased an arthritis formula that I will let you know about over
time. My exercise is greatly reduced by pain from old fractures, bursitis,
tendinitis, etc. This formula or something like it is reported to be used
by the NFL and NBA as a treatment for their players during the last 10
years. What I can say is that my knees don't hurt while sitting on the
futon couch, which is a bit low for me.

There are reports from diabetics that they have gotten pain relief from
diabetic neuropathy.

To be honest, when I first read the information, it sounded like snake oil
- good for anything. But, I decided to try it and will share my findings
on it as it relates to my skin issues as I certainly don't want problems
with skin ulcers and the like.

I have found Mink oil cream by Wooten International for around $55 for 4
ounces. It contains lanolin and petroleum.

I can get 4 ounces of Emu oil - 100% pure, for $25 and I've found a little
goes a long, long way.

The place I selected is however, I would
encourage everyone who has skin problems to consult their doctor, see a
dermatologist if they are severe, and also research alternative vendors of
Mink Oil or Emu Oil on the web.

I hope my experiences with this will be beneficial to others - or even help
people save money if they have been using Mink Oil.

You have a great product! I've been so effusive about it with a few
friends they asked me if I am a distributor, which I am not. I'm just
thankful, another thing entirely.

Marsha G.

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