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 Arthritis Formula at a Glance 

Our Arthritis Formula is used to reduce inflammation related to:
Osteo Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Repetitive stress related injuries
Growing pains
Any other soft tissue inflammation related to injury or aging
Relieves muscle cramps
Helps prevent overuse injuries if applied prior to activity
And Much More. See "About our Arthritis Formula"

How to Apply Arthritis Formula:

Everyone's skin is different. Start by applying one drop at a time and quickly spread evenly as far as possible. You'll soon determine how much to apply for your skin type. If your skin feels oily after 5 - 10 minutes, you've applied too much.

For best results apply at least twice daily or more often as needed. Use only enough to cover the skin evenly without applying excessively. Apply PRIOR to any activity that will cause inflammation. It is easier to prevent inflammation than it is to control it after it has occurred.

Storage of Arthritis Formula:

Our Arthritis Formula has a nice lotion like consistency at typical room temperatures. Store product at room temperature if you intend to use the contents of the container within one year. If not, refrigerate and transfer to a smaller container for daily use. Refrigeration will extend shelf life to 5 years or more. Store all products containing Emu Oil away from direct sunlight or direct heat. We supply an empty one ounce dispenser bottle at no cost with the purchase of most of our products in 4 ounce sizes and larger.

"Emu Oil...It's What Your Skin is Thirsty For"

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"Emu Oil...It's What Your Skin is Thirsty For"
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