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 Arthritis Formula 
With the arthirtus formula, last night was the first time I have been able to sleep for a whole night in 4 years.
Thank you so much!!! TJ

I have been using the arthritis formula on my hands for a couple of months and it is absolutely amazing.  I am a court clerk and I am on a computer keyboard typing  80+ words per minute for a minimum of 6 hrs a day, 5 days a week. This is the only product that I have found that quickly and consistently relieves the pain in my hands, wrists and forearms.  Makes it feel good enough that I can still tie flies and go fishing on the weekends :)  Thank you so much - I don't know what I would do without your product.  Please pass this on to everyone else in your company.

Sincerely, Melinda

I purchased the Arthritis Formula when you were in Port Townsend for the craft fair this year and my husband loves it. He says it gives him immediate relief from pain. So, I am ordering one for him and one for a friend to try. Thank you. Francesca, WA

Your Emu Oil for arthritis has helped me.

I have used Emu Oil Arthritis Formula for about 1 yr. and with regular use the pain is gone. When I told my Dr. He said "if it works go for it".It also takes the redness and itching out of Psoraisis.
 Bill Baker

Dorothy B.

I would just like to say that your product is awesome! I love your new website and all the information that available. I have been using the emu oil and lotion for about 3 years now. The Emu oil has helped clear my skin up and works really well on sunburns and cuts and even my shin splints. My mom has Fibromyalgia and my Grandma has Arthritis and they both LOVE the Arthritis formula. It helps a lot with their pain and it is healthier then going on pain killers from the doctor. I'm glad that your company is around.

Hayward, CA

My daughter brought me some of your products. She got them in Seattle, WA. I am so pleased with the results! I have osteo arthritis and sjogrens which is so drying! This really helps moisturize my skin and the Arthritis Formula helps a lot. Thank you for a great product. If you could enclose an empty bottle - I want a friend to try the Arthritis Formula. Thanks.
Gayle T.

A few weeks ago I purchased some of your items at a crafts fair in Bellevue. The Arthritis Formula does work. It helped my "tennis elbow" right away. I'll be contacting you when my supply runs out.

Please send more order blanks or at least the information pamphlets. I have some dear friends that need the information. Thanks for a "super help" oil. I sleep much better at night so my days are much better. Thanks.
Christine O.

Bought some of this at the mall and like it a lot. Now want to try the Arthritis Formula for back pain.

Thank you for sending my Aunt your arthritis product. This is a note Uncle Bob sent me this week: We thank you for the Emu Oil. Marianne says it has eliminated the redness on the joints of her fingers, has substantially reduced the joints pain, and they are more limber. Great testimonial huh? She has ordered additional to have on hand, thank you very much."

Thank you so very much for the Arthritis Oil! I don't know how I could have got along without it. I have temporal arthritis. The pain was unbearable until I found the Arthritis Formula at the "Filbert Festival" in Springfield August 3rd. I used it several times a day to keep the pain away until the prednisone finally kicked in many weeks later. I'm having this order shipped to another daughter in Corvallis. Thanks again.
Ramona B.

Our neighbor shared some of her Emu Oil with us. I must thank her for letting us know about your products. My arthritis makes it hard for me to write so hope you will excuse this short note. Thanks. Please send a few order forms - thanks again.
Mrs. Joe L.

I just purchased your products at Pikes Market in Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend. I LOVE it. It works as well as the Blue Stuff I have been using. THANK YOU
Gloria, CA

Your Arthritis Formula is amazing! It worked even within the time that I was speaking with your salesperson at the Redmond Farmer's Market! It's helping with a number of problems, and we are recommending it to EVERYONE! I told my chiropractor about it...hope he ordered some! I am giving a bottle to my sister for her birthday...she has carpal tunnel...will be a good test!
Thank you for a product that REALLY WORKS!!! If you ever want to trade for beautiful artwork, check out my website: (I'm an internationally published artist.)

I sprained both wrists and elbows and I have been using Emu Pure Oil and I believe it has improved my symptoms immensely. Thank You.
Shirley, Seattle, WA

It's at Columbia City I met your folks and started
using your products. And what a difference they make. Every year the oil have done some dramatic healing for me, such as this spring when I fell over a pile of rocks, could hardly make it into the house and looked green from pain when I got there (did discover I don't have osteoporsis). Put emu oil on, went to bed. Kept applying it, not ice, and by the third day swelling was almost gone, absolutely no discloration, and I could bend and use my knee to continue the rock moving I was doing. Diane, WAIt is FANTASTIC (Arth. Formula), it eases my pain and makes my life easier
to live. Thank you. Lydia, CA

Thank-you so much for offering this great product(Arthritis Formula). Lynn, WA

Thanks You VERY much and if my dog could type she would thank you also. I also wanted to mention that it sure eases the back pain I've had for almost 30 years. Thanks again, Brad

Great stuff, guys - an excellent product! The pain in my arthritic knees is diminishing, even though I have increased my physical activities. Thanks!
Laura R

Just a note to tell you that the emu oil arthritis formula is the only thing that has worked (thus far) to stop the throbbing pain that I get on the top of my foot. Whew!

I love this Arthritis forumula oil. I purchased a sample kit end of June in Napa and it has lasted til now. Thank you!

I saw you in Del Mar, I am also a vendor. Actually tried the product near the end of the show... thought it wasn't doing anything and realized I was pain free while breaking down the booth!!!
Stan C

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