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  Use instructions for SafeClean NonToxic Coin Cleaner for Modern Silver and Copper Coins

    Please read thoroughly before use, Seriously, read all of it twice before proceeding:

Precautions for use: Store in a cool dry place. Keep tightly closed. The shelf life is essentially unlimited when stored correctly. Slippery if spilled. In the event of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. No special disposal requirements. Gloves are optional but not necessary. You may find the product can leave your skin a little dry due to its ability to dissolve greasy residue easily.

The user of this product assumes full responsibility for the use, handling and results of using SafeClean Coin Cleaner for Silver and Copper Coins.

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend cleaning a number of common or low value coins to learn what methods work better for you. If you wish to dilute this product, do not use anything other than distilled water. The mineral and especially the chlorine content of tap water will affect the results. Unchlorinated bottled water may be inappropriate as well.

Any plastic, glass or ceramic container preferably with wide flat bottom will do. Try small  plastic measuring cups for immersing small numbers of coins and larger plastic bowls for up to even a hundred or so coins. When cleaning small numbers of coins, try propping the coins at an angle on a piece of thick tooth pick or anything else neutral like plastic so both sides are exposed to the cleaner especially during long soaking times.

This product works best on lightly circulated, uncirculated and proof copper and silver coins. Copper and silver clean very quickly. Immerse the coin briefly and rub between fingers and thumbs then, if needed,  keep the coin immersed until the desired level of cleaning is achieved. Be very careful when cleaning circulated silver and copper coins. Over cleaning them can leave them looking artificial. Copper coins may brighten quickly. Gentle brushing or scraping with a wooden tooth pick will help loosen dirt in legends and other details. Since this product is not a “quick dip“ type cleaner, you can control how clean the coins become. Rinse in distilled water when done and dry with a soft or micro fiber cloth.

It is not unusual for the cleaning solution to turn green and possibly thicken after hours of immersing copper and silver/copper coins. The solution should be changed or replenished every 24 hours if longer soaking times are needed.

You may want to follow with VerdiCare used according to instructions to preserve the new appearance and retard new corrosion or oxidation. SafeClean may not be able to completely remove deeply embedded verdigris. We have used VerdiCare according to instructions for this with reasonably good results. Spot cleaning with any oxalic acid based household cleaner such as Lime Away will work on verdigris as well. Store cleaned coins, especially uncirculated and proof coins, in an air tight holder or mylar flip.

Happy cleaning and thanks for trying new SafeClean Non Toxic Coin Cleaner for Silver and Copper Coins.            Full refund if not completely satisfied.

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