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 Natural Approach to Animal Care 


Wonder Oil Products, Inc. has developed a direct replacement for the original and very popular “Trainer’s Formula”TM topical veterinary antiseptic product which has not been available from the original source for many years. We worked on it for two years with the assistance of several horse ranchers and veterinarians in Texas. While it is not in full production yet, we are producing it on a special order basis for $19.99 per 8 ounce jar (advertised discounts do not apply to this product yet) and is labeled "Trainer's Solution"TM. It is also available wholesale. If you wish to order some, please call us at 1-866-695-8994 or email at We keep a modest quantity in stock at all times so it usually ships within a day. Large quantities may take a little longer to ship. Case size is 12 jars. Full production will begin in early 2020.


A Natural Approach to Animal Care

When friends and relatives began using a newly revised wound and skin treatment formula for animals that had been in Cheryl and Rusty Glenn's family for 30 years, they obtained such good results that they repeatedly urged Glenn to market her product. The Glenns did so and now Trainer's Formula™is being sought after by veterinarians and animal lovers across the nation.

Although Glenn's initial compound worked well, it was after she decided to add emu, tea tree and eucalyptus oils several years ago (after researching their beneficial properties) that she observed significantly amplified results. Her observations, along with the phenomenal feedback she began receiving, confirmed that she had an exceptional product on her hands.

With Cheryl's lineage of raising animals along with Rusty's third generation ranch and pro-rodeo heritage, the animal enthusiasts discerned early on the importance of having an effective product for animal wound management on the homefront. And as an individual involved in showing dogs professionally, Glenn also wanted a product that could give her an edge with the judges.

"I used to show Great Danes, a dog that gets calloused elbows," says Glenn. "But when I applied the new product it would soften the elbow and hair would grow back in. Trainer's Formula™ will give you the advantage in the ring," she asserts.

Trainer's Formula™ quickly gained recognition among local and not so local veterinarians as well as animal owners. Editor Deborah O'Brien of the noted horse industry publication Performance Horse liked the product so much that she ran a lengthy story about it in their April 1998 issue. O'Brien makes this comment about her experience with the product, "A gal that works here at the office had a horse that was attacked by dogs which had tore the inside of (the horse's) back haunch, one of the most tender places on a horse, to bits. You could see bone all the way down the hock. The injury was seemingly impossible to treat and she was advised by her veterinarian to have the animal put down. However, she was very emotionally attached to the horse. I had just obtained a jar of Trainer's Formula™and when I heard she was going to try to keep the horse I told her to try the product, because the woman that manufacturers it swears by it and I had heard good things about emu oil products anyway."

Adds O'Brien, "To make a long story short, the product worked and now there's a scarred area maybe twice the size of a silver dollar and it's all drawn together. We certainly should have taken (before and after) photos. It's a miracle compound - absolutely fabulous and it smells good. The large animal veterinarian that had initially diagnosed the animal now carries the product in his truck and we receive half a dozen calls here at the magazine every month from vets who want us to give them a contact number so they can order the product because they're all talking with each other about it."

The product's effectiveness, according to Glenn, is that Trainers Formula contains an exceptional mix of all natural ingredients credited for their role in wound and skin care and includes emu oil (anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, penetration enhancer); sulfur (antibacterial); phenol (antiseptic); camphor (cooling agent and circulation stimulator); eucalyptus (antiseptic, antiviral, insect repellent); and tea tree oil (antiseptic, fungicide and antibacterial) .

On the company's choice of emu oil as an ingredient Glenn remarks, "From my research on emu oil I noted that in a study conducted at Auburn University by Dr. Paul Smith, emu oil tested comparable and even higher than dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in its ability to penetrate and work as a transdermal carrier. I'm an avid disbeliever in using DMSO because it being known as an unstable chemical. But being all natural, safe and beneficial to the body, emu oil was a natural choice to use as a transdermal carrier to help get all the ingredients into areas requiring treatment. People using our product can be sure that their animals won't suffer from any adverse reaction to chemicals.

More and more consumers are opting for natural animal care products and I feel ours is filling this niche." Adds Glenn, "In addition, research data indicates that emu oil is a excellent moisturizer, is anti-inflammatory, and has the ability to stimulate and awaken the hair follicle. We receive report after report from our customers of how the product is even shrinking the scar tissue of old injuries. Trainer's Formula™ encourages and promotes wound healing and has proven effective on galls, hot spots, chafes, abrasions, and open wounds. People tell me the product is healing even deep wounds, from the inside out - you don't want to get exterior healing first causing an inside abscess, a problem associated with puncture wounds."

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