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Eczema is an autoimmune disorder or allergic reaction characterized by an inflammatory response of the skin causing redness, itching, minute blisters, weeping, oozing, and crusting. It is a common allergic reaction in children but also effects adults. It is thought that food sensitivities and a lack of essential fatty acids contribute to the development of this condition. Many people who suffer from eczema supplement their diets with flax seed or the oil which is high in all fatty acids. A tablespoon of ground flax seed on cereal every morning is sufficient for most.

Factors that may exacerbate the disease:
Irritants - Environmental factors such as use of soaps, exposure to solvents and other drying compounds such as constant hand washing or constant contact with soil.
Allergens - In the air and in food often trigger a flare-up.
Dietary causes of atopic dermatitis (mostly in children) may be eggs, cow’s milk, soy, wheat, nuts and fish.
Infections - Bacterial, fungal or viral infections may cause a flare-up
Fungal infections such athletes foot are considered a type of foot dermatitis usually controlled with topical fungicides.

Topical corticosteroid (cortisone) are most doctor’s drug of choice for treating eczema. The risks associated with prolonged use of a potent corticosteroid may result in skin deterioration (skin becomes thinner) and adaptation (which means the drug’s effectiveness is reduced). Other risks may include toxicity to the liver and heart problems.

Emu oil’s deep penetrating action helps to rehydrate skin faster and more effectively than any other topical application. Emu oil aids in rapid cell regeneration and is also hypo-allergenic which many essential oils are not.
For extreme eczema, we recommend applying emu oil to affected skin area, allow it to penetrate, then apply a thin coating of the Dry Lotion Bar to seal in the emu oil.  This will work faster than just using emu oil by itself and will resist wash off. This method works especially well on hands. Consistent application at least 3 to 4 times a day is usually necessary. Results are generally visible within a week.

We guarantee emu oil will effectively reduce the symptoms of eczema or your money will be refunded. (Actually, we’ll refund your money for any reason). There have been a few exceptions where emu oil was not completely effective, usually on individuals who had inflamed eczema accompanied by psoriasis or those who could not avoid materials they were extremely allergic to. It is possible to have both eczema and psoriasis even though psoriasis symptoms are usually more severe but can imitate eczema symptoms. Emu oil usually helps relieve eczema symptoms in children in as little as a few days. Due to youth, their skin cells naturally regenerate much more quickly. In adults it usually requires a week or more to see results. The elderly may require weeks. Although we believe emu oil alone works better on the above mentioned skin conditions than any essential oil or extract alone, the combination of emu oil and certain oils or extracts may speed symptom control in some.

There are some other substances that have a reputation for reducing eczema symptoms.
These include:
Borage oil - Contains high amounts of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), contains the highest known levels of this fatty acid in a plant.
Evening Primrose oil - Contains similar amounts of GLA .
Yarrow - Used medicinally as a tonic or astringent.
Chamomile - Contains azulene and bisabolol (believed to be healing agents for the skin).
Comfrey - Active ingredient is allantoin which helps to heal wounds. Allantoin is also synthesized from urea.
Burdock - Remedy for skin diseases and restores smoothness to the skin as well as promoting hair growth (not to be confused with treating baldness).
Gotu Kola - Contains certain glycosides and saponins that may reduce inflammation of the skin.
Aloe Vera - Contains aloin, a C-glycoside manufactured by the plant.  Helps to heal inflamed skin and burns. Must be applied directly from the living plant to be effective.
Tea Tree oil - Excellent natural antibiotic for reducing infections. Use sparingly.
Shea Butter - A natural butter that is an excellent emollient for soothing dry skin. Non-irritating. Used in our lip balms and lotion bar.
Beeswax  -  Wax obtained from honey production. Beeswax is not especially therapeutic but it does provide an occlusive waterproof barrier to retain moisture.  This is especially beneficial for simple dermatitis and eczema caused by excessive hand washing or contact with chemicals or soil. Also used in our lip balms and lotion bar.

Most of the above have some potential to cause skin irritations, allergic reactions  and, in some, sun-sensitivity. Emu oil causes none of these symptoms. Care should be taken when mixing and applying essential oils with emu oil.

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